2016 Tactical Flashlight: Features, Prices & Reviews

G700 Flashlight is a brand new and high performance flashlight made with a new technology developed for the US Military and a design created for the Marine Corps and its actions, in a few words – it is made for combat.


This product hit the internet and social media with tremendous success in 2016 and the G700 tactical flashlight has now been made available for home use. And since the announcement that the product is available for home purposes, the demand on the market is big and people simply love it.

The Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight is more than just a flashlight. Why is that? – That’s due to the new led technology that has been used for the G700. This technology as mentioned above has only been used in the US Military because it is designed for combat and self-defense.

The revolutionary technology integrated in the G700 flashlight, is used in order to produce larger lighting capacity. The larger the number of led lights combined in a flashlight, the greater the power of brightness. Until now, the basic form in the led flashlights has been made into square, and for the G700 led flashlight is used a circle form of lighting. This revolutionary led technology is what makes this military grade flashlight different and greater than others in particular.

The G700 flashlight is also called the “brightest led flashlight” available on the market. This title came as a result of the lighting capacity of 700 lumens that this G700 led flashlight has. The LED light is so powerful that has a capacity to turn night into day, literally.


The Lumitact G700 Flashlight has a much higher price considering there are cheaper versions on Amazon and that’s why many people are confused with the pricing. The fact is, those cheap versions available on Amazon are using the old LED concept with LED bulbs.  In addition, you can learn more about the new integrated technology on theG700Flashlight.com

Due to the new LED concept, the brightest led flashlight has a long lasting battery which can last up to an insane 100.000 hours and can produce a light to 3,000 feet.  And thanks to the 700 lumens that the G700 tactical flashlight has, you won’t need to change batteries ever again. You’ll only need to charge the G700 for less than an hour and you will be ready to go.


All these lighting features that the Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight has can home pretty much handy in your life, especially if you are an adventurer. And if you consider yourself as a hiker, a fisher or you just want to go hiking and fishing, the brightest led flashlight is your life saver.

Another features that makes the G700 very powerful is the brightness of the beam which can be used to disorient a victim.

Other tactical flashlights

One of G700’s major competitors is the X800 led flashlight. This flashlight got very famous because of its higher lumen power.



Thank you for reading the article. And if you want to learn more fantastic features of the G700, just go to theG700flashlight.com and get it now for 75% off discount and let the light guide you – for the night is dark and full of terrors.